Why is Focus important?

As a business owner you have probably been told many times to FOCUS your business. But did you heed the direction and advice given to you?

At HT Designs, we have been in business for almost 18 years, and to be fully transparent, we did NOT focus the business until 2 years ago.

We spent too many years, trying to be all things to all people. We took jobs from industries that we knew nothing about, nor if we are going to be honest, cared anything about.  To do good work, you need to have an understanding of the industry of each client so we spent a lot of time researching industries that we knew nothing about. As much fun as it may have been to learn something new, we were being pulled in too many different directions. This meant that time, energy and money were being spent needlessly and we felt frustrated with the lack of progress in our business.

Dog Mountain Trail Signage

Two years ago, we made a decision that has changed the course of our business forever. We decided to FOCUS. We decided to focus on the OUTDOOR industry. We had already been working in the outdoor industry and developed a passion for it. Our media contacts were in the outdoor industry. Our retail contacts were in the outdoor world. Our social contacts were in the outdoor space. It just made sense.

By claiming our niche, not only has it made business development easier, but our knowledge in the outdoor space has grown and continues to develop. We are becoming experts in our space.

Now not only do we believe that outdoor play leads to adventure, creativity and purpose, but we live it and learn from it daily.

Take it from us – FOCUS on one thing and one thing only. It will not be easy, and as the trail sign at Dog Mountain in Washington states, your choices are “Difficult” or “More Difficult”.  BUT you will not be disappointed in the results.



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