Path of Brand Adoption

The journey of a fan from brand discovery to purchasing a product for the very first time to becoming a loyal ambassador is very important to the marketing planning process.

This concept is built with 3 key objectives in mind: EDUCATE. ENGAGE. EMPOWER.

Path of Brand Adoption - The Journey of Brand Discovery

If you are a young brand, your marketing will be heavier with tactics involving educating and engaging potential fans. If you are an established brand, your tactics will lean towards engaging and empowering your fans to tell your story in an authentic way.

Every brand’s tactics will be different, but each will target a different customer who is at a different point in their journey.

Interested: Introduce your brand to a new target customer and educate them about the reasons they should try out your product or service. Possible tactics: Media Preview Event for articles and product reviews / Media Ads / Banners Ads on industry sites

Research and Purchase: This is about giving the potential customer all the information they need to make that initial purchase. Possible tactics: Website with product specs and stats / Product reviews / Email highlighting product launch / Facebook Page with product reviews / Customer Service

Fan:  The customer has bought the product and loves it, so they dive deeper into the brand to find out more. Possible tactics:  Blog posts / Videos / Social Feeds / Industry Events

Community: The fan is ready to go deeper and wants to chat with like-minded individuals who are also fans of your brand and your experience. Possible tactics:  Social Platforms / Branded Events / Giving Back Partnerships

Ambassador: The fan has become a loyal customer, and tells everyone about your brand. Empower them with ways to become a true influencer of your brand. Possible tactics: Seeding Product / Loyalty Reward Program / Social Takeovers

The brand experience is important through EVERY step of the customer’s journey, and yet businesses often are so focused on trying to get new customers, that they forget about the ones that they already have.

Educate. Engage. Empower.

To download your chart, visit: Toolkit – Path to Brand Adoption

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