Visualize Your Target Audience

Target Audience

Visualize Your Audience.
To help your team relate to your target audience, create a BUYER PERSONA that includes demographics, behaviour patterns, motivations, and more. Add images, and give names to your buyer profiles. Assigning a name to the persona helps everyone on the team think of the buyer as a real person rather than just prospective business.

Hubspot’s definition of a Buyer Persona: A semi-fictional representation of your ideal customer based on market research and real data about your existing customers.

Create a Day In The Life.
One of our clients has done this to perfection.  They have created a full fictional life for two profiles – one for each gender. A full visual essay that shows where they live and why, their occupation and ambitions, what they do in their spare time, their favourite restaurants, their go-to clothing brands, their favourite TV shows, where they like to spend their vacations, and more.

This does not mean that all of their customers will like the same brand of coffee and live in the same city. What this allows their internal team to do is visualize and relate to their audience. They can ask, “What would Alex do in this situation?” or “Would Katie share this content?”.

Start with the basics.
A consumer profile will be different from a B2B profile but the information template is relatively the same.

          Age Range:
          Education Level / Income Level:
          Title / Position: (Busy Mom vs National Sales Director)
          Key Responsibilities:
          Daily Tasks:
          Pain Points / Concerns:
          Purchase Drivers / Buying Motivation:
          Role in Purchase Process:
          Place (s) They Most Likely Find Information:
          Preferred Content Medium:
          Days / Times Most Likely to Consume Content:

If your business services other businesses, you will most likely have several distinct personas that you will need to lay out.

       – Gatekeeper
       – Influencer
       – End User
       – Decision Maker

Once you have the basics you can build out the fictional story that you can share with your sales and marketing teams and help them connect the dots from the brand to the end user.

Small businesses can not afford big Market Research projects to help them build out their consumer profiles, so Buffer Social has compiled a list of Market Research Tools that will help you gain insights on your current and potential audience.

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