What is Your Creative Process?

Having a creative process is important for delivering a design project on time, on budget, and on strategy.Our Creative Process

Client Brief
Every successful project starts with a discussion with client to determine needs and budgets. This will better enable the creative director to write the initial creative brief for the design team.

Discovery: Research + Analysis
Researching and analysing the client’s industry, customers, and competitors will help define what the client’s needs are and determine their competitive advantage.

The generation and sharing of ideas brings the creative juices to the forefront.

Execute Ideas
The design team takes the brainstorm ideas and develops concrete ideas to present to client.

Presentation to Client
The presentation of concepts to client allows for discussion on direction and strategy

Design Development
The design team takes chosen concept and discussion points through to process and development.

Refine and finalize the design details, such as typesetting and photography touch-ups, before moving into production

Final print or web ready artwork is followed through to proofing and printing or programming and testing.

Finished Product
Delivering the WOW factor to consumers for call to action.

Following through on the full creative process ensures that the client receives a product that delivers on all objectives. Next step: Track results!

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